In many cases, publicly owned real estate assets are not only a valuable economic resource, but also the legacy of a historical and cultural process that contributed to the creation of our national identity.

Protecting this tradition while identifying contemporary construction needs is one of the objectives of CDP Immobiliare, generally applied to massive structures located within existing urban textures and requiring large-scale projects.

Designing the transformation of significant portions of territory or vast urban areas that have lost their previous productive function, within a rapidly and constantly changing socio-economic system, is an ambitious objective with a great potential impact, which requires very specific expertise.

CDP Immobiliare manages all the steps of the development process:  

  • analysis of the market and of the target socio-economic context
  • feasibility study and financial and timing considerations  
  • return on investment analysis and financial structuring of the project 
  • preliminary design  
  • sharing of zoning transformations, implementation plans and possible environmental restoration process with the Local Bodies  
  • development, coordination and final design of the project  
  • management of construction and urban works  
  • coordination and management of marketing and sales activities