Cinque Cerchi Spa

Cinque Cerchi

The Cinque Cerchi property is located in the northwest of Turin, in the southern part of the Madonna di Campagna residential neighbourhood; it borders on the north with Via Verolengo and on the south with the Dora River Park, 45 hectares along the River Dora designed to restore the urban environment and serve the entire city.

The Dora River Park reclamation project is part of a broader Urban Restoration
Programme that has involved the entire Comprensorio Vitali area, in turn included within the wider Spina 3 district, of over 1 million m2, where the intense industrialisation of past decades gave way in the 1990s to progressive abandonment.

Today, residents have already moved into two newly erected buildings, the first of the redevelopment project underway in the area. The buildings, both in energy efficiency classes A and B, total more than 200 residential units of different sizes, all offering high environmental quality, functionality and panoramic view.

Shareholders: 100% CDP Immobiliare Srl

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