Whistleblowing: notifications of illegal conduct

Do you know about any illicit behaviour relevant to Model 231, Code of Ethics, Internal Regulations, both Corporate and Group level? Now you can report it!

CDP Group makes available to all the employees - but also to all the contractors, consultants, partners, suppliers, business counterparties of CDP Group, as well as any person of interest - a platform (“whistleblowing”) to report illicit behaviours relevant to the Model 231, Code of Ethics, internal regulations, both corporate and Group level. People who report must be aware of the facts due to their role in the company.

In compliance with the Italian Law 179/2017 (whistleblowing) CDP Group ensures the confidentiality of the reporting person identity in order to, amongst other things, protect him/her from any retaliation and/or discrimination that may occur because of the report. It is possible to submit a report by accessing directly from the CDP corporate website: here (https://ewhistlecdp.azurewebsites.net/) there is the webpage that must be used to activate directly the illicit conducts report (whistleblowing) simply filling a web form.

In this way the Company cannot acquire information about the reporter identity autonomously, which is supervised by an external law firm that does not have access to the content of the report.