A modern residential complex consisting of a 13-storey tower and a courtyard building surrounded by greenery and overlooking the Dora River Park in Turin.

Until 1990, the Vitali area was home to one of Italy's main metalworking hubs, torn down and restored in the early 2000s to build one of the most important Spina 3 urban transformation projects.

After a first settlement, which housed one of the villages of the 2006 Olympics, two of the buildings of the new residential complex “Le Case nel Parco” (one in line and the other one a tower), containing over 200 units from one-bedroom to five-bedroom penthouses, are already occupied by residents.

An extensive communal garden, or rather “private park”, surrounds the two buildings providing a premium view to the apartments facing the Dora River Park. “Le Case nel Parco” have been built with particular attention to energy efficiency and respect for the environment: all the apartments are class "A" and "B".